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The LOC Group builds and delivers custom business solutions and we do this with a 100% money back guarantee.

Delivering higher quality and timely services impacts the Trinity of Business; increases market share, increases revenue,  decreases costs. To improve profitability we need to uncover where waste is occurring; time wasted in any business is lost opportunity. Using time-tested and proven methodologies, we convert wasted time into selling, producing, or providing more services.

We help organizations identify wasted effort and work with your team to eliminate them. When all we do is considered to be of value to a customer or staff member, the process seems to really flow. The outcome from engaging the LOC Group is a more agile organization delivering higher levels of customer and staff satisfaction. More agile organizations are able to respond quicker to changing markets.

Organizations that display agility generate 30% higher profits than less-agile companies.

The LOC Group helps staff within the organization become more self-sufficient, consistent, and customer focused. Our efforts help leadership of the organization step back from the day to day operations. Without day to day responsibilities leadership can strategically focus upon positioning the business for the future.

If an organization’s leader is in the middle of all the process steps, there is never a chance to work strategically. Organizations not looking ahead strategically are market followers, not market leaders!

If you have customers or patients, use supplies, need to prepare spaces between services or have any type of business transactions we can deliver quantifiable improvements. Below are some examples of types of results we have achieved for our clients.

If we have not done work for you yet, it means we have probably helped your competitors get these results.

How can we be so sure we can save you money or time?

Below is an example of a savings calculation based upon an average salary, a reasonable time savings and a small organization. If your staff is waiting for an answer or searching for information, they are not being as productive as they can be for you and your customers.

How do we reach your customers?

We help you build a customer encounter that delivers timely services that are of higher quality and lower cost than your competition. Delivering higher quality and timely services will increase market share and revenue while decreasing costs to improve profitability.

The real question is …..

“How can you wait any longer to reach out and engage support that delivers outcomes risk free?”

The answer is easy “You cant, so get better or get beaten!”