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Medical Executive Suite Leadership | Lean Six Sigma

Executive Suite and Leadership

  • Coaching and Leadership
    As your coaches, we want to provide you with keen insight for managing in a lean environment. We will train your team leaders to become enablers of improvement. This will help remove barriers and continue the celebration of success.
  • Lean Transformation Planning
    Through this process, we will help your leaders define the appropriate improvement events that will support the strategic goals of your organization.
  • Implementation
    We will help you to create a reporting structure and improvement event cadence that will establish the pace of your organization’s progression.

Lean Organizational Structure

Development and Implementation

We will guide your organization in creating a reporting structure, as well as train individuals to:

  • Structure/control improvement events
  • Support improvement teams
  • Help reduce barriers
  • Help build front line staff engagement
  • Improve communication and advance outcomes of events
  • Strategically plan for upcoming events

Value Stream Analysis (VSA)

Our promise is to facilitate your teams from the development phase through to the implementation of actions that will improve customer and staff satisfaction while lowering costs. Drawing upon our personal experiences we will engage your teams to develop tactical plans that will improve timeliness of delivery as well as quality and reliability. Our value stream analysis includes:

  • VSA Charter Development
    First, our experts will work with the company leadership to develop an improvement event structure that will support strategic goals of the organization.
  • Process Mapping
    Second, trained facilitators will guide your teams in mapping out their current processes to identify business and process constraints.
  • Data Analysis
    Third, our Certified Six Sigma Black Belts will develop data collection and analysis plans to validate constraints identified during mapping or identify new opportunities.
  • Improvement Event Charters
    Finally, our experts will guide the Value Stream Analysis Team through the development of the following improvement event charters. This technique will avoid duplication of team efforts and define each teams deliverables, all while aligning the improvement events to maximize the benefit.

Value Stream Analysis (VSA) | Lean Six Sigma

Improvement Event Workshops | Lean Six Sigma

Improvement Event Workshops | Lean Six Sigma

Improvement Event Workshops

During your improvement event workshop, our seasoned facilitators will engage team members to work together and create new processes that flow smoothly and reduce variation. We coach teams through the challenges of identifying and eliminating wasteful process steps. The outcome of your team’s hard work will be a more agile organization, ready to meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace.

  • Facilitation
    We will guide you to understand constraints, identify helpful methodology, and structure a test of change to derive beneficial outcomes. With our coaching, you will have the ability to solve problems and make decisions on your own – in the “Leanest” way possible.
  • Time Observations
    Time observations will be used to help teams balance flow that will maximize resources, while reducing staff frustration due to unbalanced workloads.
  • Test of Change (Plan-Do-Study-Act)
    This simple incremental approach to change will lead to bar raising results. We will help your teams develop tracking/sustainment tools to monitor and hard wire your companies outcomes. Our team of experts will provide test support and make it our duty to be available for you every step of the way.

Continuous Daily Improvement (CDI)

Our CDI methodology is an organized approach to creating and establishing front line staff engagement. This approach will alter bad habits and make improvements that contribute to the overall success of your organization. CDI is focused on soliciting improvement ideas from those who do the work through to the implementation of solutions that will help to favorably drive business metrics.

  • Program Development
    We will help you plan, design, implement, and measure the desired outcomes of your program. This is crucial for engaging front line staff in the improvement process.
  • CDI Training
    You deserve to be the expert. We’ll coach your staff to be subject matter experts on Continuous Daily Improvement. You will be able to sustain all programs and methods of improvement well after our team departs.
  • Implementation Support
    During the deployment phase, our staff will guide you in a direction that will leave your organization with amazing results and improvements. You will be able to sustain all outcomes derived from your time spent with us.
  • Measuring Engagement
    We will help your teams develop methodology that will track engagement of huddle boards across your organization. The goal is for us to be sure that your boards are staying active, and team members are constantly engaged.

Continuous Daily Improvement (CDI) | Lean Six Sigma